Our research represented in these pages is organized in five categories.

I. [ Macroepidemiology: National Mortality Data for US and JAPAN ]

Organizing and analyzing the historical, age and cohort mortality rates for cancers and other major causes of death in the United States since 1890 and in Japan since 1952.

II. [ Macroepidemiology: US Community Data ]

Organizing and analyzing the community mortality rates for six large states in the USA recorded between around 1958 to 1995.

III. [ Mathematical Models of Clonal Disease ]

Developing biologically based mathematical models of clonal diseases for analyses of historical age-specific mortality data for cohorts defined by gender and general ethnicity.

IV. [ Inherited and Somatic Risk for Common Diseases ]

Developing the theory of multi-allelic, multi-genic risk for common diseases and devising instrumentation to perform pangenomic exonic scans using appropriately large cohorts to identify the genes carrying inherited risk for each common disease. This includes identification of genes in which somatic mutations are required for carcinogenesis or artherogenesis.

V. [ Somatic Mutation in Human Tissues ]

Developing and testing the fetal-juvenile mutator stem cell hypothesis with regard to the origins of mutations in adult tissues, atherosclerotic plaque, preneoplasia and neoplasia and devising instrumentation to determine the microanatomical distribution of selected (MAMA) and unselected (CyDCE) point mutations in tissues and derived clonal lesions.