III. [ Mathematical Models of Clonal Disease ]

Developing biologically based mathematical models of clonal diseases for analyses of historical age-specific mortality data for cohorts defined by gender and general ethnicity.

This section contains PDF copies of our several papers attemting to model age-specific cancer mortality risk complete with all their warts and worse blemishes. We include PDF copies of the seminal works of Nordling, Armitage and Doll and Moolgavkar upon which foundation our models are constructed.

The page features the current effort of Mr. Lohith Kini an MIT graduate student in Computer Science and Engineering working with Profs. W.G.Thilly (MIT), Stephan Morgenthaler and Dr. Pablo Herrero-Jimenez to update the model to account for the discoveries (in lung) that:

Key observations to date are:

Other stratification factors may also contribute but the variation among adult lungs analyzed suggests that the distribution of fetal-juvenile mutation rates is sufficient to account for the observed maxima and decline for most tumor sites.


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