Mailing address

William Thilly, Sc. D.
Professor of Biological Engineering
Email: thilly (at) mit (dot) edu

77 Massachusetts Avenue
Bldg 16-743
Cambridge, MA 02139.

Administrative Assistant: Rita M. DeMeo
Tel (office): (617) 253-6221
Tel: (617) 452-4888
Fax: (617) 258-5424

Join the Lab

The Thilly Laboratory is looking for MIT students at all educational levels (undergraduate, SM/PhD) and with a variety of backgrounds and interests. The lab has a history of taking in students from diverse educational backgrounds and putting them at the forefront of our research. The key is to have enthusiasm about learning and working at the cutting edge of stem cells and epidemiology research.

If you are a current or admitted MIT student who is interested in joing the Thilly lab, please send an email to Prof. Thilly. Most projects require a mature understanding of statistics and advanced calculus and a keen interest in stem cell biology but any student is welcome to join since most of the learning occurs in the lab.

For openings about internships and postdoctoral positions for students from outside of MIT, please contact Prof. Thilly.

Please do not write to Prof. Thilly to ask questions about graduate admissions. The Biological Engineering department has a centralized admissions process. For graduate admissions information, please visit the MIT Biological Engineering Graduate Program home page.

Interactive map of MIT
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From Kendall/MIT MBTA Station to Thilly Lab

To enter MIT main campus, pass through Building E25. Walk straight toward Ames Street and pass Media Lab on your left and Building E18/E19 on your right. Cross Ames Street and walk straight. Pass Green Building (Building 54, the tallest building on campus). Enter Buildings 16/56 via double glass door on your right, across from Building 18. Take the elevator to the 7th floor. Walk down the corridor on your right. Room 16-743 is on your left.